Weak-Link WL100

The Weak-Link is intended to be installed between the hoist hook and the upper end of the guide/trial/tag line, used in helicopter hoist operations. The Weak-Link p/n WL100 is made of UV- and water resistant special designed polypropylene webbing. There is a loop in each end for attachment to the trial/tag/guide line or a carabiner. 

The Weak-Link is designed with a main link and a pre link. The pre link breaks and indicate if the weak-link has been overstressed. The main link is not affected until the breaking of the prelink 

The Weak-Link WL100 has an ultimate load at 100 kg ± 10 %. The Weak-Link is overstressed when it has been exposed for abnormal load during the hoist procedure. 

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Weak Link WL100


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