Guide Line Weight


The Guide Line Weights are developed for use with a guide line in helicopter hoist operations.
The GLW makes it possible for the helicopter crew to establish contact with the hoist-object (i.e. the ship) with high precision in difficult conditions prior to hoisting. This will significantly reduce the risk of injury of the rescue man and/or the persons to be hoisted. It will also prevent the guideline flying in the downwash and reach the rotors of the helicopter. The GLW´s are available in two standard sizes, 2kg or 4 kg, and can be custom made to other weights if required. It´s is made of an outer casing of heavy-duty abrasion resistant fabric, which is laminated on the inside with reinforced rubber. Inside the casing are two separate inner compartments made of rip stop fabric and filled with lead pellets. The dual compartments will ensure maintained weight on the guide line should penetrating damage occur to the GLW.
The GLW is in day-glow colour with large reflective patches, and the connection-rings are made of high-grade stainless steel.

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Reliability-test Guide Line Weight GLW 6340

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