Guide Line Ring


The Guide Line Ring provides a continuous contact point connecting the raft to the helicopter during a hoist operation.

Product brochure

When contact with the raft is established, the guideline (trail line) will run through the Guide Line Ring during the entire hoist operation. Thus enabling the pilot to use the raft as a visual reference throughout the operation at a suitable distance. This easy and safe procedure works in day as well as in night hoisting operations.
The Guide Line Ring enables the rescue man to work with both hands with casualties, and still be connected to the helicopter during the entire hoist operation.
The swivel carabineer reduces the risk of the guideline entangling, even if the raft capsizes.
The Guide Line Ring is standard equipment in Swedish SAR-helicopters since 25 years.
Swedish helicopters successfully used the Guide Line Ring during massive hoist operations when M/V Estonia went under in 1994.
The Guide Line Ring is simple, reliable and virtually maintenance free.


GLR 1000 during MV Estonia disaster

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